Common Pitbull Diseases And Ailments You Should Be Prepared For.The American Pit Bull Terrier is typically a very hardy breed with immense strength and durability. They have a remarkable pain tolerance and tenacity that make rough and tumble play a favorite for them. However just like any other species, breed, or race there are a few health concerns that are more common with Pitbulls that you should take into consideration. Please take note that while Pit Bulls tend to be more vulnerable to these particular ailments most Pit Bulls live long healthy lives.

1. Pitbull Terriers are prone to a few certain environmental allergies. The most common environmental allergen is a flea saliva allergy. Pit Bulls can also develop allergies to certain foods, pollen, and tobacco smoke, even common human allergies such as wool or grass. Allergies are usually mild and can be detected easily at your veterinarian.

2. Pitbulls are also sometimes prone to congenital heart disease. When you are having your new Pit Bull pup examined by a veterinary professional make sure to have him checked for heart defects and diseases such as valvular disease, PDA (palent ductus arteriosis) and pericardial disease.

3. Hip Dysphasia can be a concern for a pit bull owner as well. Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the hip joint. It is almost always seen by the age 18 months and the vet should easily identify it. The result of Hip Dysplasia is a femur bone that periodically slips out of the pelvis causing extreme pain, but is not a death sentence for the dog.

4. A much more serious disease that can sometimes occur in Pit bull Terriers; but is not particularly common, is Von Willenbrands Disease Type 1. This is a bleeding disorder that can be life threatening.

5. Finally gastric disorders also have a slightly higher than average chance to plague Pitbulls health. Bloat is a serious problem that is relatively common to most large breed very active dogs including American Pitbull Terriers. Bloat can happen if a dog becomes to active after eating. The stomach can swell and twist during post dinner over activity the twisted stomach cuts off the dog’s ability to expel gas by belching or vomiting. Bloat can be fatal.

A gastric disorder called Giardia; the infestation of a protozoa in the digestive tract, is My Pitbull Kalypso’s primary health problem. This causes a lack of appetite and severe diarrhea. Lucky for her it is easily remedied with antibiotics.